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Ubu Roi

Studio Work: Set Design (Groundplan, Section, Scenic Renderings (Sketchbook Pro, Conceptual List & Reference Photos) & Costume Design (Renderings) 

Concept:  A sort of Elmo's World-esque playroom; the aesthetic of locking toddlers in a white room for 3 hours and reaping the consequences. Papa Ubu embodies this massive man-baby in a completely over-scaled environment, torturing his toys (Bordure, his court and his soldiers), suckling on Mama (a giant disembodied pair of breasts) and assassinating the Royal Family (towering disembodied pairs of legs - like depictions of parents in cartoons). As Poland decays, the pristine white playroom becomes overrun by discarded toys, bodily fluids and crayon scrawls until Papa Ubu is finally abandoned with no one left to play with and all of his toys destroyed. Studio assignment for undergrad (UofA 2019).

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