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Myself-Current (24).jpg

Beyata is a queer, half-Chinese, Alberta-based theatre artist, currently living with a household of beloved friends & dogs in Amiskwaciywâskahikan (colonially known as Edmonton).


Her theatrical origins lie in children's musical theatre, for which she spent the bulk of her youth entrenched. She still maintains a fervent, geeky love of musicals - and an especial love of Sondheim.

Beyata's favourite pieces to contribute to are newly-developed works, re-contextualized canonical shows, and movement-based/musically-driven theatre. She enjoys embracing the theatrical & absurd and firmly believes theatre should be nothing less than magical. She likes to work holistically with a creative team during the design process and is a firm believer that theatre cannot be designed in vacuums. Unless vacuums are what you're into.

You can see Beyata's upcoming work in the Citadel/Theatre Calgary/RMTC co-production of The Play That Goes Wrong (Summer/Autumn). She'll also be working on a Grand/Citadel co-production of Heist and on Shaw's 2025 season.



Beyata (beɪ|ˈæ|tə) Hackborn | she/her


  • Set | Costume | Lighting Design

  • Model/Maquette Construction

  • Digital 3D Modeling & Printing

  • 2D | 3D AutoCAD & Hand Drafting

  • Prop Sourcing & Construction

  • Advanced Scenic Painting

  • Basic Carpentry | Upholstery | Power tools

  • Figure Drawing | Conventional Art

  • Graphic Design & Digital Illustration

  • Photoshop | Sketchbook Pro

  • Basic Machine & Hand Sewing

  • Wardrobe Maintenance

  • Breakdown & Dye Experience

  • Running Crew | Dresser Experience

  • Hanging & Focusing Lights

  • EOS Board Programming & Operation

  • Basic Video-Mapping | Projection

  • Class 5 Driver's License

  • Fall Arrest Certification

  • ProServe License

  • The most mediocre juggling you've ever seen

Experience & Education

2023 | Newton Award

Shaw Festival Grant for an apprenticeship with a senior props builder with a focus on reupholstery

2019 | Prague Quadrennial

Student Exhibitor | Workshop & Conference attendee

2015-2019 | University of Alberta

BFA degree in a conservatory Theatre Design program

2022 | Christopher Newton Internship

Funding awarded to 2 promising emerging Shaw Festival artists, backed by Charles & Marilyn Baillie

2018 | Freewill Shakespeare Festival Asst. Designer

Assistant Costume Designer, mentee & backstage dresser for Festival duration

2014-2017 | Camrose Jeanne & Peter Lougheed PAC

Backstage Training, Lighting Hanging/Focusing, Technical Theatre Workshops & Volunteering

2021 - 2023 | Shaw Festival Asst. Designer

6-9 Month annual design assistantship for the Shaw Festival main season | Designing for recurring Director's Projects

2016 | Banff Centre Workstudy

Theatre Design Assistant & mentee program w/h practical application

2013-2015 | About Time Productions

Teaching & Choreography Assistant (children's theatre)

Remote Assisting Services

This is me


Model Building

Quarter or Half-Inch Scale

Web capture_20-8-2023_142413_.jpeg


GP & Sections | Elevations


3D Printing

Quarter or Half-Inch Scale

DD - Menu Back2.jpg

Graphic Design

Paper Props | Renderings

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