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Angels in America

Studio Work: Site-Specific Set Design (Groundplans, Sketchbook Pro Renderings, Props & Technical Requirements List, Reference Photos) & Costume Design (Selective Renderings) 

Concept: A Site-Specific production of Angels Pt. 1, taking place in the Rievaulx Abbey of North Yorkshire, England. the Abbey was originally of Cisterian sect and eventually fell victim to the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century; it's one of the most well-preserved sites in the UK.

Keeping with an American theme of colonizing and commercializing space, the design juxtaposes the aesthetics of a cheapened Times-Square-Americana spectacle with the quiet monolith of the Abbey. As such, ad-space, neon signs and striplighting make a capitalist, Cohn-esque mockery of the historical site. Additionally, much of the scenework takes place in a heightened reality (ex. the Harper/Louis leaving argument is framed in a courtroom, Roy's office becomes a huge telephone-cladded pipe organ, the dinner scene becomes the Last Supper, the bar becomes a confessional booth etc.). Studio assignment for undergrad (UofA 2018)

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