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Beyata Hackborn

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Beyata Hackborn

An Alberta-based Theatre Designer, with an idyllic household of friends and dogs; I often find myself migrating for contracts, but they'll always be my home base. I love newly-created theatre, re-imaginings of old theatre, and physically & musically-driven pieces.

Design Work

Most of my work stems from a background in illustration and a love of densely-packed children's picture-books; I love filling the shows I work on with tiny details, little secrets for performers and audiences to discover.

Additionally, I put a lot of focus on the ability for a design to be interacted with and changed throughout both the process and the performance itself; I like to create worlds that truly mesh with my collaborators and the way they work & move their bodies. My favourite pieces to work on are the ones that embrace theatre's ability to be truly absurd and magical.

Studio Work

I save a lot of preliminary sketches and drafting from hypothetical projects, cancelled shows, assistant work  and personal pieces that I do in my own time. They become a good indication of how my process & techniques have changed over time, as well as the kinds of materials I'll produce to communicate ideas with the people I'm working with.

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